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I am not a Real Estate Guru by any means. Just your everyday Real Estate Investor like many of you, looking for a faster, easier, less expensive way to  produce these highly effective Yellow Letters to mail to motivated homeowners. I saw many services online offering to have their staff hand write these letters for a pretty hefty fee of $1-$2 per letter. 
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Most successful Real Estate Investors mail up to 100 letters per month or more. You do the math! You could be spending $100's of dollars every month doing these types of mailings through some outside company. Instead of spending this type of money and waiting for your letters to be sent by a company you don't know... you now can create them yourself for $1000's of dollars less!!

After searching around I noticed there was not a software program out there that created these types of Yellow Letters for Real Estate Investors to use from the comfort of there own home or office. UNTIL NOW! So being innovative I decided to create this program for my own business to use and keep with no intentions of telling anyone! But why keep it a secret?? Knowing that others will benefit from this type of technology as well.
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I remember at one point being a new Investor, needing guidance from someone more experienced than myself that had the financial success I desired . Or looking for that one tool that would help me out immensely. Needless to say I have always strived to be the person that helps others. Now, with my team of computer techs I have created a simple to use technology to help thousands of people faster. This one tool can get you started on your way to $UCCE$$ alot easier, cheaper, and faster like it has for my team and I !!
 To Your Success!  

(Real Estate Investor & Visionary behind YLG & ALG)
 Jason B  (Follow Me on Facebook)




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