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What are Yellow Letters and why you should use them?
Have you had trouble understanding how to find a motived seller? Have you been challenged getting motivated sellers to contact you? Are you spending your money on high-priced newspaper ads, etc. and then waiting for calls from serious sellers that never come.
Well, now there's something that can change your whole approach to real estate investor marketing. Its called "Yellow Letters"
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Direct Mail with a Kick!

Direct mail can be an extremely effective way to find motivated sellers and sell services, if you know how to do it.

As you probably know, most people open their mail over the garbage can. Any message, no matter how effective is going to generate a response unless your letter gets opened!

Then you must have a message that will inspire the recipient to take action and call you.

Real Estate Investor Marketing the Easy Way

Why do your own research and spend thousands of dollars testing various letters until you find one that works?? We've done it for you! 

 Now do it the easy way using (Yellow Letter Generator). You will see that using our secret real estate marketing software your letters will get opened and have a response rate that is off the charts, guaranteed!!!

 The typical real estate investor marketing and direct mail campaigns have a response rate of about 1/2%--that is, only 1 out of 200 people that get a letter will respond. However, imagine using Yellow Letter Generator and, getting a reponse rate of up to 30%--that's almost 1 in 3 people who receive it will call you.
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Hand Pick Your Sellers

By Now, so many potential sellers will be calling you, that you can take your pick of the best deals- homes with the most equity, best profit potential and the quickest cash out/exit strategy. Save time dealing with non-motivated sellers or tire kickers as we like to call them. You choose which potential sellers to work with!

   This Real Estate Marketing Letter That Works!

The best thing about an effective direct mail piece is that if it works once—it will work every time!

 You will use these letters to mail to your lists of people in foreclosure, people who have declared bankruptcy, to contact the owners of vacant properties, or pick your hot neighborhoods to farm. Just keep sending out the Yellow Letters and hear your phone ring off the hook. Thats the sound of $$$!

  Yellow Letter Generator    

Its so easy that a 5yr old using our Yellow Letter Generator program can automatically generate the Real Estate Investors HIGHLY COVETED Yellow Marketing Letters and Envelopes with the push of a button. This software is for MOST Real Estate Investors! Anyone from the beginner to experienced Investor will be immediately saving money, time and hand cramps.

Just input your contact information and the name and street address of your Motivated Seller(s) into the software and your done, ready to print! You will be able to print individual letters to sellers in your contact list or print to the whole list of sellers INSTANTLY. Up to 5000 contacts. You will even print the Homeowners Mailing address on Envelopes with a single click.

 Yellow Letter Generator &  Bonus Real Estate  Income Secrets E-Book

Print 3 different styles of Yellow Letters. New upgrade allows you print up to 5000 contacts at once and even print Mailing addresses on Envelopes.
Total Value = $500.00
What we easily sold it for = $199.00
Take advantage now, for only -$49
Look Down Below To See Quick Demo Video

                                                                                     HOW YOUR SOFTWARE WORKS

1) Enter in your contact information into the sender section and the name and street address of your Motivated Seller(s) into the recipient section.

2) Then pick one of the 3 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE yellow marketing letters to choose from.

3) Press the drop down tab to pick a Motivated Seller and print individually or print a specific letter to all Motivated Sellers you have saved at once

                                                                                                                            THATS IT!! 

                                                                 (Demo Video Below)



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